• Tandem Skydiving

    Tandem Skydiving

    No experience, but wishing to make a skydive? No problem! Millions of people make tandem skydives every year! With minimal training, have one of our professional skydiving instructors take you for the adventure of a lifetime from 13,000 feet!

  • Learn To Skydive

    Learn To Skydive

    Skydive Paso Robles offers the most modern form of skydive training today - Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). If becoming a solo skydiver is your desire, the AFF training program is perfect for you!

  • Sport Skydiving

    Sport Skydiving

    Fun jumpers are welcome at Skydive Paso Robles! We've got a spacious landing area, a fabulous airplane, a covered packing area and onsite riggers. If you're looking for a DZ to call home, we look forward to jumping with you!

  • Book Today!

    Book Today!

    Booking your skydive couldn't be any easier! Schedule your skydive through our online reservations system and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime! Our booking software allows for group bookings, learn to skydive reservations and skydiving gift certificates.

Skydive California's Central Coast Wine Region with Skydive Paso Robles

Welcome to Skydive Paso Robles! Take a break from the city and join us for the adventure of a lifetime in California's Central Coast Wine Region. Located among the world famous vineyards of Paso Robles, CA we are the ideal destination for Skydiving Fresno and Skydiving Bakersfield.

Our brand new, state of the art facilities are designed to cater to the needs of both experienced and first time skydivers. If you're looking to make your first jump, allow the highly experienced tandem skydiving instructors at Skydive Paso Robles to guide and accompany you through what is certain to be one of the most thrilling experiences of your life!

If you're an experienced skydiver, or interested in learning to skydive, Skydive Paso Robles offers an impressive fleet of aircraft, large landing area, covered packing, and comfortable training facilities.

So what are you waiting for? Take your weekend wine tasting up a notch and come experience Paso Robles' beautiful vineyards in a whole new way!

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First class all the way! The team at Skydive Paso Robles exceeded my expectations beyond the actual skydive!

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Grand Opening - Saturday, June 18th May 12, 2016

Our grand opening is scheduled for Saturday, June 18th and we're doing it in a big way! For our opening, we'll be operating a BELL JET RANGER for anyone wishing to experience the ultimate skydiving experience from an aircraft that few jumpers get to put in their log books!

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