Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Training

The Accelerated Freefall course is a comprehensive training program designed to train students to become solo, certified skydivers. Through a series of specific stages, AFF students acquire the skills necessary to develop strong freefall and canopy flying skills. Once students have completed the AFF program, they will need to complete a series of solo skydives to earn their initial skydiving license (A License).

The AFF program begins with a series of lessons on the ground. You'll learn all about the skydiving equipment and how it works, how to control your body in the sky and how to fly your parachute. You'll also learn about safety considerations and how to deal with uncommon situations.

You'll be accompanied by two instructors during your first few jumps. As you progress through a series of levels designed to test your skydiving skills, you'll be accompanied by just one instructor. Once you've demonstrated the necessary skills and completed the jump course, you'll be able to jump on your own

Below you will find specific pricing information about each stage of the AFF program. If you have additional questions about AFF, please contact us.

Learn To Skydive - AFF Course

Option Cost

Ground School + First Jump - 6 hour ground school plus first jump


Levels 2-3 - Price is per jump


Levels 4 - 8 - Price is per jump


Coach Jumps - 2 Coach jumps. Price is per coach jump.


Solo Skydives - (13 solo jumps)


Graduation Jump


Simulated Emergency Exit


Packing Class


USPA Membership


USPA License


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